Our objectives

To develop a critical mass of Women led Co-operatives in Nigeria.



Our mission

To enhance women’s social protection through co-operatives.


Our vision

To Raise the active participation of women in cooperatives across the country.

No Woman Left Out


“No Woman Left Out Initiative, Africa” is aimed at effectively facilitating women’s increased and meaningful participation in Cooperatives that will ensure at least 50% of Women across the Country are well integrated into the Co-operative Movement by the year 2022...

Benefits of the programme

The programme has far-reaching macroeconomic implications for the Country such as;

Reduction in poverty levels and creation of economic opportunities.
It will lay the foundation for a solidarity economy in the country.
It will drive women’s financial inclusion at scale and play a significant role towards achieving the National Financial Inclusion Strategy, 2020.
It will raise the literacy bar amongst women much higher in co-operative to 75% or more by 2022.

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